Nail Education Classes

Learning the basics of
Acrylic Nail Extensions


This course is structured over 6-days and runs from 10:00am to 2:00pm in smaller groups than most other providers, allowing for plenty of opportunities to ask questions or seek further support if required.

You will learn the theory of Acrylic Nail Extension, and spend the majority of the day perfecting your practical skills, with a short break for lunch.

This 6-day class will take place on:

Thu Apr-8-2021 & Fri Apr-9-2021
9:30am to 4:00pm

720 S Euclid St
Anaheim CA 92802

What's included:
$150 Class Kit, all of your supplies required
to complete the practical training.

Please note: since you are
reserving a limited seat,
this fee is non-refundable

Day 1 :
• Introduction to the nail industry
• Nail Preparation
• Tip Application
• Correct product ratio
• Application of Acrylic
• Correct filing / shaping
Day 2 :
• Most required nail shapes
   (square, coffin, stiletto, almond)
• Maintenance Procedures
• Trending Nail Art
• Removal procedures
• Sanitation / Disinfection